The Fantasy Trip

This is the electronic archive of original source materials for Metagaming's roleplaying game The Fantasy Trip.

Because the copyright status of most of the archive materials is in question, these materials are available under the Fair Use provisions of US Copyright Law, the Archivist asks that the following statement of intent be sent, in its entirety, as an email, listing the materials you already own, to the Archivist. It would be very interesting to find out how you found out about this site, so please feel free to let me know. Thanks!

Statement of Intent - Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials In accordance with the provisions of Title 17 United States Code, Chapter 1, Paragraph 107, et al, I hereby affirm that I intend to acquire these unlicensed, copyrighted materials for my own personal and private use, and that I own a full and legally acquired copy of the original published game, and that I will not redistribute these files, or any images derived from this files, to any other person for any purpose contrary to the provisions of reasonable and fair use of said copyrighted material. The title(s) of the game(s) for which I enter this statement of intent is(are) _______________________________________________________ , published in various editions by Metagaming, Inc."
Once the Archivist has given you the key, you may proceed into the vault.